About This Moi

What can be said about someone who has basked in LED (and lets be real, CRT) glow for over a decade now? That all of my moisturizers have a minimum 35 SPF? I've been living this life since GeoCities was a thing. I bought my first domain name back in 2001 with my lunch money. I had a guestbook. I was in web rings. I had an ICQ account. Please stop calling me a millennial.

I am an open source cheerleader. I have a degree in design and a life in development. I still don't know how I feel about Twitter. I am sometimes taken aback by the reality that I can pretty much listen to any song ever recorded the instant I feel like listening to it. I like to play matchmaker with APIs. WordPress has been my main squeeze for awhile, but I've been known to brunch with Drupal.

I currently work for a full service ad agency as a web developer, social media copywriter, and general nerd of all things internet. I am also available for freelance work and consulting, so don't hesitate to reach out!


Things I've Built

Enjoy this potpourri of past and present agency work, as well as freelance gigs.

Things I Do

Need a nerd on hand? I'm available for freelance work for the following:

Web Design
Responsive, fluid, modern site design is kinda my thing. You have an idea, but we have a vision.
Web Development
I specialize in open source CMS development. Meaning? Once built, you’re empowered to update it whenever the mood strikes.
Short form or long form, I can word nerd with the best of them. Pick a tone, pick a subject, and let me work my magic.
HTML Email
You want pretty emails? You want pretty responsive emails? Emails that people read? You’re in luck.
Social Media Strategy
Why just post when you can post thoughtfully? Notice all of these descriptions are under 140 characters.
SEO Analysis
Don’t speak robot? Thats OK. I can let you know how you’re ranking and what you can do to boost your search engine results, spam free.

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