About This Moi

What can be said about someone who has basked in LED (and lets be real, CRT) glow for over a decade now? That all of my moisturizers have a minimum 35 SPF? I've been living this life since GeoCities was a thing. I bought my first domain name back in 2001 with my lunch money. I had a guestbook. I was in web rings. I had an ICQ account. Please stop calling me a millennial.

I am an open source cheerleader. I have a degree in design and a life in development. I still don't know how I feel about Twitter. I am sometimes taken aback by the reality that I can pretty much listen to any song ever recorded the instant I feel like listening to it. I like to play matchmaker with APIs. WordPress has been my main squeeze for awhile, but I've been known to brunch with Drupal.

I currently work for a full service ad agency as a web developer, social media copywriter, and general nerd of all things internet. I am also available for freelance work and consulting, so don't hesitate to reach out!